Chainsaw man characters ages? (2023)

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Chainsaw man characters ages?

While Power and Makima seem ageless, Chainsaw Man's main characters are mostly in their late teens and 20s, though a few may be much older.

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How old are the people in Chainsaw Man?

While Power and Makima seem ageless, Chainsaw Man's main characters are mostly in their late teens and 20s, though a few may be much older.

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How old are Makima?

As revealed in the manga, Makima is the Control Devil, meaning that she does not really age. As for her physique, she seems to be in her early twenties, somewhere around 22–25 years old.

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What age is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Denji claims to be 16 years old at the beginning of Chainsaw Man, but he's not the most reliable narrator.

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How old is Quanxi Chainsaw Man?

Nigh-Immortality: Due to being a hybrid, Quanxi is immortal and nearly unkillable. Despite likely being over 50 years old, Quanxi still looks the same way she did 30 years ago.

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Does Denji get laid?

Summary. Denji agrees to have sex with Himeno, and she starts undressing him. As she begins to take off his pants, however, she finds a Chupa-Chups Lollipop in his pocket. A flashback to the restaurant shows Denji in a fugue after the vomit kiss.

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Who is Denji's love interest?

And while his new love interest Asa Mitaka also has ulterior motives for dating him, she seems less cold-hearted in her manipulation than his previous potential romantic partners.

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Is Makima a groomer?

you can divide a good chunk of chainsaw man characters into two groups: groomers (makima, santa claus, quanxi) and groomed (denji, aki, katana man).

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How old is Reze?

Reze Wiki
OCCUPATIONSpy (formerly) Waitress (formerly)
1 more row
Sep 20, 2022

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Who has a crush on Makima?

Aki had a crush on Makima and seemed to trust her deeply, although this could possibly be a result of Makima's powers of control. This would explain why Aki could not recall his reason for liking her. Makima had an utter disregard for Aki's feelings and was not interested in him beyond his use as a tool.

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Is Denji 16 or 17?

A Quick Look At The Stats
Denji16-17≈ 6'0" (183cm)
PochitaN/A≈ 1'6" (50cm)
MakimaN/A5'6" (173cm)
PowerN/A≈ 5'6" (173cm)
1 more row
Nov 13, 2022

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Is Pochita A Boy or a girl?

Chainsaw Man Art Turns Pochita Into Anime's New Best Girl.

Chainsaw man characters ages? (2023)
Is Denji a minor?

Denji is a teenage boy with blond and scruffy hair.

Is quanxi lgbtq?

Character Information

Quanxi is a lesbian character from Chainsaw Man.

Who is quanxi and her 4 Girlfriends?

Quanxi's Girlfriends are group of minor antagonists of Chainsaw Man, specifically the International Assassin's arc. They are a group consisted of four fiends: an unnamed stitched faced fiend, the futakuchi-onna haired fiend Pingtsi, the horned fiend, Long, and a zombie-looking fiend, Cosmo.

Do hybrids age CSM?

It is possible that Hybrids stop aging at the point where they first undergo the fusion process. Quanxi is known as the "first Devil Hunter" and used to be Kishibe's teammate when he was young. Unlike Kishibe, who has noticeably aged, Quanxi still looks the same.

Who is the girl who kissed Denji?

Moments later, in another location, Denji awakens in a bed, asking for water. A still intoxicated Himeno appears and kisses him again, revealing they are in her apartment.

Does power have a crush on Denji?

Power eventually develops strong affection for Denji, even going so far as to deny Makima's wishes and put her own life on the line to keep him safe.

Who kissed Denji?

Denji's Kiss Triggers A Battle Between Two Powerful Devils

However, Yoru suddenly takes control and kisses Denji, right as Nayuta comes back home from walking the dog. She calls Yoru "thief" and immediately attacks her with the chains of the Control Devil.

Do Denji and Power sleep together?

Later, she asks him to take a bath with her, in order to keep her safe. The two shower, as Power continuously sobs about being attacked from behind. As the two get in the bath and lay together, Denji is surprised that despite the intimacy of their act, it doesn't feel sexual in any manner.

Does Denji love Power romantically?

Power. Power and Denji don't have a very romantic relationship, instead more so an awkward sibling relationship. While he finds Power attractive, it doesn't take long for the two to butt heads.

Why is Denji's teeth like that?

As per fans, Denji might have developed some abnormalities in his teeth due to severe malnutrition, poor dental hygiene, and no access to dental healthcare during his childhood, all due to his rough upbringing and financial situation.

Did Makima loved Denji?

As shown in Chainsaw Man, Makima certainly does not love Denji at all, and this has to sink into the minds of all the firm believers of the rumor that she loves him. All fans must appreciate the character design of Makima, who has the capability to pull off such an act of manipulation.

Why is Makima a Waifu?

Despite being the big baddie of the series' first part, Makima is still an incredibly beloved waifu by fans of the series. Her cruel, unforgiving personality and approach to getting what she wants is weirdly endearing to many, only further buoyed by her authoritative role in the series.

Is Makima abusive to Denji?

As it was revealed that Makima had groomed him into her perfect pawn and after his companions were murdered by Makima, it was revealed that she is nothing more than an abusive person towards Denji, even mentally abusing him by gaslighting him for the past sins he had done which resulted in him living in a miserable ...

Did Denji and reze kiss?

Reze then slits Denji's throat and he moves to try and pull his cord, however she swiftly slices off his hand before he can. Kneeling close, Reze stabs him in the back then holds him gently. Reze kisses him again, before apologizing and calmly telling him she intends to take his heart.

What race is Reze?

Reze is the primary antagonist of the Bomb Girl arc and a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc. She serves as a foil to Denji and plays an important role in his character development. She is a hybrid of a Bomb Devil and a human from the Soviet Union, and her mission is to steal the Chainsaw Man's heart.

Is A Reze white?

Rèze is a rare, white-grape variety that has a special role as the main ingredient for traditional Vin de Glacier (glacier wine), an esoteric wine from the alpine extremes of Switzerland's Valais region.

Who is Makima most shipped with?

GojoKima is the het ship between Satoru Gojo and Makima from the Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man fandoms.

Why did Aki love Makima?

5 He Has Feelings For Makima

While it will forever be a mystery why Aki actually did fall for Makima (he even questions the reason behind his feelings at one point in the series), it's a very real possibility that his crush spawned simply out of Makima's abilities as the Control Devil.

How many girls love Denji?

Denji's main love interests in Part 1 of Chainsaw Man were Makima, Power, and Reze. While he did fondle Power's breasts, that was largely the extent of their romantic entanglement and Power became more of a sibling to him from that point onwards.

Will Denji get a kiss?

Himeno offers Denji his first kiss before drunkenly puking in his mouth. Aki presses Makima while drinking for more information about Denji's Chainsaw Devil. Of course, Denji's first kiss with Himeno has to be traumatic.

Is Denji a virgin Chainsaw Man?

Denji is just the most precious virgin ever, that's why he is.

Why is Pochita like a dog?

As revealed in Chapter 87 of the manga, Pochita was in a battle with the four horsemen group of devils before reaching a near-death situation. In its weakened state, Pochita adopted a cute dog-like look and met Denji (protagonist).

Can Pochita speak?

Unlike most Devils Pochita communicated solely through barks and whines like an actual dog. However, after fusing with Denji, he is able to communicate telepathically with him. He continuously communicates with Denji through dreams, warning him to not 'open the door'.

Who is Pochita in love with?

Pochita's love for Denji

Despite being a devil, Pochita forms a deep connection with Denji, who is initially his contracted human. Pochita cares for Denji and enjoys listening to him talk about his dreams, which motivates him to become Denji's heart in order to help him achieve them.

How tall is Makima?

Appearance. Makima is a Devil resembling a human woman in her twenties of marginally above average height (168 cm/5'6" to 173 cm/5'8").

Did Denji cry when Aki died?

At first, Denji's cries for Aki to wake up and snap out don't seem to reach him, but as their devastating battle carries on, injuring and killing countless innocents, something in Aki shifts. He sees Denji crying and gives up the fight, allowing Denji to kill him.

Why did Denji eat Makima?

It turns out, Denji ate her in order to prevent her from regenerating, as Devils have the power to do so in spite of getting killed. Makima had always underestimated Denji and was obsessed with the Chainsaw devil within him.

Who is Makima daughter?

Nayuta (ナユタ, Nayuta?) is the reincarnation of the Control Devil ( 支 し 配 はい の 悪 あく 魔 ま , Shihai no Akuma?) following Makima's death.

Who does Makima date?

Fans saw Denji and Makima's date fully play out within chapter 39 of the series, where the two attended a cinema for an all-night movie marathon.

Who is Denji going to marry?

Unfortunately, Denji doesn't end up with anyone in 'Chainsaw Man'. There have been three love interests for Denji, but all three of them have used him for their gain.

Who are the Girlfriends of Quanxi?

Quanxi's Girlfriends is the poly ship between Quanxi, Tsugihagi, Cosmo, Pingtsi and Long from the Chainsaw Man fandom.

Who is the oldest hybrid?

In fact, Ferdinand Porsche designed the first-ever hybrid car, unveiled as a prototype in 1900 – 110 years before the launch of the Cayenne S Hybrid in 2010, the first electrified Porsche of the modern era. Ferdinand Porsche had a long-standing fascination with electricity, going back to his childhood.

Can all hybrids have kids?

Can Hybrids Have Babies? Mules and bananas are examples of hybrids that are infertile, so they cannot have their own babies. But surprisingly, there are many examples of hybrids that actually can have babies. This happens when the hybrid mates with another hybrid, or with the same species as one of its parents.

How old is the chainsaw?

The first portable chainsaw was developed and patented in 1918 by Canadian millwright James Shand. After he allowed his rights to lapse in 1930, his invention was further developed by what became the German company Festo in 1933.

Was Reze in love with Denji?

Despite her fake crush on Denji, Reze somewhat reciprocated his feelings towards her, and felt similar to him since they had both never been to school. Although using more manipulative type of fighting, she seems to not enjoy killing or harming others and prefers to avoid it, unless it's necessary for her mission.

Why is Pochita a dog?

As revealed in Chapter 87 of the manga, Pochita was in a battle with the four horsemen group of devils before reaching a near-death situation. In its weakened state, Pochita adopted a cute dog-like look and met Denji (protagonist).

Who is chainsaw mans girlfriend?

Makima was Denji's first and last love, the manipulative Control Devil who only cared about Denji for Chainsaw Man.

Does Makima wear breast pads?

Normally, she wears breast pads to increase the size of her bust. She almost always wears her jacket hanging halfway off her body giving her an untidy, half-dressed appearance.

Does beam have a crush on Denji?

Aside from being head over heels for Denji, Beam doesn't take many things too seriously. He fights devils simply because he loves to and is a big fan of eating what he kills. He will eat anything, including zombies.

Is Makima girlfriend of Denji?

Makima. Makima and Denji shared an asymmetrical relationship: whereas Denji was greatly infatuated with Makima and willing to go to great lengths to serve her, Makima saw Denji as nothing more than a pet and tool, taking interest in him solely for the fact that the Chainsaw Devil Pochita resided in his heart.


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